Java nie je JavaScript

Apr 25 2006

Java nie je JavaScript

V poslednej dobe som narazil na pár ľudí, ktorí si mysleli, že Java a Javascript je to isté. Omyl!

Java je:

An multi-platform, object-oriented programming language from Sun Microsystems. The Java language syntax is somewhat similar to C. Java can be used to program applications and applets.
Java is an object-oriented programming language developed initially by James Gosling and colleagues at Sun Microsystems. The language, initially called Oak (named after the oak trees outside Gosling’s office), was intended to replace C++, although the feature set better resembles that of Objective C

JavaScript je:

JavaScript is a scripting language developed by Netscape to enable Web authors to design interactive sites. Javascript can interact with HTML source code, enabling Web authors to spice up their sites with dynamic content. JavaScript is endorsed by a number of software companies and is an open language that anyone can use without purchasing a license.

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